Zambia Environmental Management Agency


Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) is an independent environmental regulator and coordinating agency, established through an Act of Parliament, the Environmental Management Act no 12 of 2011. It is mandated to do all such things as are necessary to protect the environment and control pollution, so as to provide for the health and welfare of persons, animals, plants and the environment. ZEMA is governed by a board which provides strategic direction, develops policies approves its work plans and budget as well as monitoring of its functions as it relates to administration of the EMA.

Water Resources Management Authority


The Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) is an autonomous body established by the Water Resources Management Act, No. 21 of 2011. WARMA exercises control over all water resources in Zambia as envisioned in the Water Resources Management Act. The Act set out provisions to regulate the use of water in Zambia by considering or issuing of water permits with the exception of international shared water bodies.

ESAWAS Regulators Association


The Eastern and Southern Africa Water and Sanitation (ESAWAS) Regulators Association is a network of regional water supply and sanitation (WSS) regulators with the objectives of (i) fostering and enhancing regional cooperation and coordination on regulatory issues in order to improve the effectiveness of WSS regulation in the region and (ii) enhancing the capacity of members in WSS regulation by facilitating information sharing and skills training.
NWASCO is the seat of the Secretariat for the (ESAWAS) Regulators Association.

The African Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR)


The African Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR) focuses on issues related to the regulation of energy, telecommunications, transport, and water & sanitation industries, with a particular emphasis on issues that are common across sectors (but not necessarily limited to the primary focus sectors).

International Network of Drinking-Water Regulators (RegNet)

The International Network of Drinking-Water Regulators (RegNet) was established in 2008 in response to requests from Member States to better address regulatory issues in relation to drinking-water. RegNet is an international forum to share and discuss strategies to address all aspects of protection of public health as it relates to drinking-water. RegNet aims to promote good practice to regulate a variety of water quality and water management issues.

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