Complaints Reporting & Handling

Feedback is important in the improvement of service delivery. It is therefore important that complaint report channels are clearly highlighted to the customer.
The starting point for any complaint is for the customer to have a clear understanding of what type of service the Utility has guaranteed. For Water Supply and Sanitation Services, your provider is required to guarantee you a certain and defined level of service specified by the regulator-the National Water Supply and Sanitation Council. These levels of service are stipulated in a Service Level Guarantee which must be displayed at any pay-point. If the service you are receiving is below the guarantee, then you have every right to complain.

Who should I address my complaint to?

Your water and sanitation company will have a branch in charge of your area. Address your complaint to the manager of the branch, preferably in writing. Whichever way you report the complaint, ensure you are given a complaint number for reference.

How long should I wait for my complaint to be addressed?

Your water and sanitation company has guaranteed the time within which they will respond to your complaint. Look for this under Client Contacts on the Service Level Guarantee displayed at any pay-point. The response should stipulate how long they will take to rectify your complaint and the procedure to be taken to do so.

I have reported my complaint to my provider but it is not being resolved! What do I do?

If you have reported your complaint to your provider and you have received no response within the guaranteed time, or your complaint is not resolved within the stipulated timeframe, then contact NWASCO. You can submit your complaint to NWASCO:

Complaints Procedure

Physical Address:
164 Mulombwa Close,
Fairview, Lusaka

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 34358,
Lusaka - Zambia

Complaints Email:
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General Email:
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+260 211 226941/2
Complaints: Toll Free 5252 


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