Strategic Plan

NWASCO has developed a fourth Strategic Plan which has encompassed a longer period of five years compared to the previous plans that only spanned three years. This change was based on the need to align to key national and international targets for water supply and sanitation. The fourth Strategic Plan therefore covers the period 2021 to 2025 and outlines four key strategic objectives as follows:

Objective 1

To strengthen the capacity of NWASCO in order to implement regulation for rural water supply and sanitation and urban onsite sanitation service delivery Access and inclusion

Objective 2

To effectively regulate water supply and sanitation service delivery in order to ensure improved and inclusive service provision Resource Mobilisation

Objective 3

To mobilise financial and other resources in order to facilitate for effective operations of NWASCO and ensure financial sustainability of the commercial utilities Corporate Governance

Objective 4

To promote good corporate governance in order to ensure that NWASCO and Commercial Utilities are accountable, transparent and efficient in their operations Information systems

Objective 5

To enhance information management systems in order to ensure availability of up to date information for effective decision making Research, Development and Innovation

Objective 6

To coordinate and undertake research and development in order to generate innovation and information for evidence based sector policy formulation and implementation

The objectives have been developed under the rebrand of NWASCO to meet its new commitment of ‘Ensuring Better Services and Fair Value’. This will be underscored by improving the operations of NWASCO to deliver its services, as well as, better regulation; driving positive progression in sector performance and sustainability of service providers; and increasing consumer awareness with customer satisfaction.

Therefore, by 2020, NWASCO intends to have more efficient and financially sustainable water utilities evidenced by marked improvement in service delivery and consumer care.

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