Approved Tariffs

General guide on understanding tariffs


For metered customers NWASCO has recommended a ‘rising block tariff system’ with at least three blocks for domestic consumers, such as shown in the following example:


Tariff rates per cubic metre:

1. block - 0 to 6 m=                 2.50 Kwacha/m3

2. block  - 6 to 15 m=              3.00 Kwacha/m3

3. block - 15 to x m=               4.10 Kwacha/m3

Therefore, a consumption of 25m3 would be calculated as follows:-

0 – 6 m3             K2.50 x 6          K15.00

6 - 15 m           K3.00 x 9          K27.00

Above 15 m3     K4.10 x 10        K41.00

           Total:   K83.00

The first block of at least 6 cubic meters represent the lifeline consumption and are billed at a social tariff rate. Providers must focus on metering all customers to ensure that all pay for actual consumption and not flat tariffs which may be pegged on an accurate consumption. The rising block tariff is also applicable to commercial and institutional consumers who have different blocks and prices.  Where there is no meter installed, a flat rate tariff is used based on an assessed consumption.

Tariffs at kiosks and standpipes

Where household connection may currently be too costly for the consumer, a water kiosk or stand pipe may be provided, where the water price per cubic metre should not be higher than the social block tariff per cubic meter.


The tariff for sewerage connections is normally calculated as a percentage of the water consumption. For customers who use own boreholes or other sauces of water, the sewerage charge is based on an assessed bill of similar connected customers.


In Water Supply and Sanitation there are a number of other services provided and other fees which includes the following:

Fixed Meter charge:is charged per water bill and is meant for maintenance of the meter. It should not be higher than the cost of the first six cubic metres of water.

Connection fee:levied only once when a customer is applying for a new connection. For domestic customers, it may be spread over a period of time to enhance affordability.

Reconnection fee: levied whenever a disconnected customer due to non-payment of bill is seeking reconnection. It should reflect only the average cost of carrying out a disconnection and reconnection.

Meter testing fee: charged when a customer requests for meter testing outside the routine testing schedule for the utility and is only effected if the meter is not faulty.

Meter replacement fee: is levied when an installed meter has to be replaced due to loss or damage by fault of the customer. This does not apply for the first meter installation.

Security deposit:is a refundable deposit that a new customer makes which is equivalent to a sum of three monthly bills. This deposit is refundable as soon as the customer leaves the property.

Sanitation surcharge:in order to accumulate funds for investments, rehabilitation or new installation of sewage infrastructure the utility may apply for a sanitation surcharge to be levied separately.


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